Build the habit of focus.

Intention pauses distractions so you can scroll less and do more.
Also available on Firefox

Say goodbye to mindless browsing.

1. Stop before you start

When you visit a distracting site, Intention intervenes for a chance to change your mind.

2. Set a time limit

To continue, tell Intention how long you'd like to unlock distracting sites.

3. Reclaim your focus

When your time limit runs out, Intention pauses your browsing to restore your focus.

Take your focus to the next level.

Set a daily limit
Keep track of the time you spend across all distracting sites.
Build your streak
Watch your streak grow for every day you stay under your limit.
Customize your schedule
Choose the days and times you'd like to stay focused.


Reviews from the Chrome Web Store
Fantastic app! Unlike other site blocker apps that are just on/off, I really like how you can set little "breaks" if needed and set your intentions before browsing a page.
Pranab Sachi
SO useful to have a visceral reminder of the time I'm spending on distracting sites. I can choose when I want to be distracted instead of falling into it.
Satyajeet Pal
one of the best extensions to keep me from mindlessly using certain site and be intentional with my most precious resource
Abby Wen Wu
Brilliant. So simple, so useful - better than any other productivity app I know :)
Oliver Rutherford
I LOVE this extension. Thank you DK for creating and helping me get back my time!
Geoffrey Malloy
Such a helpful app! Really cut down on my time spent mindlessly browsing
Yan Wu

Spend your time well.